Professor David Gillatt

David GillattDavid Gillatt Lead Consultant in Urology at Southmead Hospital (North Bristol NHS Trust) and Medical Director of the Bristol Urological Institute (BUI) and one of UK’s leading urological cancer surgeons.

He established the BUI’s Prostate Cancer Care and Research Centre and his interests include discovery and optimisation of biomarkers for early prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis, and the effect of ketamine abuse on bladder function.

In 2010 Mr Gillatt was named in the Daily Mail newspaper as one of the UK’s top ten ­ outstanding prostate cancer surgeons. David Gillatt is described as a ‘leader in the field’.

The report said: “He has done huge numbers of open prostatectomies, but switched to robotics a couple of years ago. The survey was compiled by asking 40 of the nation’s urologists to nominate the surgeons that they would refer their own loved ones too. The surgeons who got the most votes from their peers were listed in the Daily Mail’s top 10.

Surgeon Edward Rowe is also listed as highly recommended in the poll and described as “Very precise. He performed well with open surgery as a junior, but is now just starting out with robotics and flying with it.”

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